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Your Choice Care Tasmania


We excel in experienced  Disability care tailored to every individuals needs

I'm Leeanne, the CEO and Director of 
Your Choice Care Tasmania

I have been working in the Disability sector for over 6 years now, beginning with Aged Care and then moving into Disability. I have always had a passion for the disability sector, as four of my children have disabilities. My motto is to treat my participants the way I would hope people would treat my adult children! I have always gone above and beyond with the support I provide. I started YOUR CHOICE CARE TASMANIA at the beginning of 2023 to provide a specific personalised support service so participants have as much choice and control as they possibly can, which leads me to explain why I came up with the name ' Your Choice Care Tasmania' .... I have always said to my participants "well mate, it's your choice", because at the end of the day, this IS our participants choice in the supports they require.

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